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Do You Have Enough Bandwidth to Market Your Brand on 6 Social Media Platforms like the Big Boys do?

It takes the average marketer 20 hours to grow ONE Social Media platform

6 platforms x 20/hrs a week = 120 hours a week

You will need 3 staff members working 40 hours a week to grow your presence and bring in a ROI
Or, you can hire us.

Save Time & Money

We will save you $60,000 a year in payroll expenses while massively growing your social media presence and reaching your target audience so that you can make sales!

Experience the power of VGen today by signing up for a FREE 5-Day Trial

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Killer Combos!

Your Brand Will Spread Like



Bring VISIBILITY to your brand

Social Media has the power to reach millions of people all around the globe.

Don’t you wish you had a few extra hours in your day to connect with them?

We definitely know the answer is YES.

You might be among the many, who STRUGGLE to get all their social media tasks done every day and get tired of performing repetitive tasks.

We can join targeted groups on your behalf on LinkedIn and Facebook and befriend its members

We can also target new friends and connections based on location, keywords or hashtags using our social listening technology

Invite them to get to you know you and your brand better

And, we can broadcast personalized messages to your connections with an offer they won't be able to refuse!


Grow your sales like the big brands!

It takes the average person 20 hours a week to grow one single platform!

We have to juggle with so many things on a daily basis that sometimes we are not able to spend time with family and friends.

With our automated growth services, we can run powerful combos to grow your network exponentially!

Check it out:

We can automate finding, targeting, and sending invitation requests to your preferred audience

Automatically send a "Thank you for connecting" message to promote engagement and to create a second touch point for your brand

Accept connection requests automatically and send a personalized message to each connection!

We can send follow-up messages and much more.

This combo has SERIOUS lead generation potential!
See how it helped here.


Our AI inspired tool can handle it all

Our arsenal of tools will automatically engage with your audience and keep your brand in the forefront!

The amount of work we can relieve from you and your team is seriously out of this world.

It takes endless hours a week to engage with potential customers.

Let us take over the heavy lifting by setting up our tools to:

Broadcast messages to your followers and connections

Send Birthday, New Job and Work Anniversary greetings to your connections on your behalf

Endorse skills on your colleagues' profiles

Automatically share, like and comment posts based on location, keywords and hashtags


Additional Services

We can grow your Instagram accounts 10x faster by setting up automatic sequences to:

Follow, Follow Back, Like, Comment, Re-post, and Send Messages

Results in increased engagement with precise audience reach using:

Auto Friend Requests, Auto Accept Friends, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Join Groups, Auto Un-join, and Live Chat

We will boost your activity on Twitter to improve engagement and ROI using automation to:

Follow, Follow Back, Like, Comment, Re-tweet, Send Messages, and more

We can schedule your YouTube accounts on autopilot and you can watch them grow:

Follow, Subscribe, Unfollow, Like, and Comment

Trust us to give a boost to your Pinterest account for faster growth and 20x more revenue using automation to:

Follow, Follow Back, Comment, Re-pin, Create Boards, and more

We’ll help you gain Influencer status and grow your Network automatically:

Establishing Connections with your Target Audience, Sending Direct Messages, Endorsing, and much more

Case Studies

We Motivate People Magazine was looking to lower their pay-per-click spending on Facebook and Google Adwords. Their target market is coaches and business consultants looking to acquire new clients. We applied some of our Killer Combos to bring an edge to their strategy and in less than two months we produced:










New Twitter



New LinkedIn


They were so surprised at the results that they had to hire TWO new sales members to handle the influx of leads!

“Sending direct, genuine messages to their targeted audience produced a boom in their business!”

Coye Burns
CEO of Interlink Media Marketing


We approached System2Thinking with our service and they decided to give us a shot to grow their network on LinkedIn. In just two weeks, we were able to send over 224 invitation requests to a sample of their target market. Out of those, we established a relationship with 108 LinkedIn members – that’s 48% of all invites we sent to an ultra-targeted audience! After connecting, the audience received an announcement promoting their Compliance Manual. This brought them direct visibility and traffic to their website without them having to lift a finger! 

Just imagine what we can do for you and how many hours a week we will save you and your staff! 

The Free 5-Day Trial is Easy!

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