Social Media Visibility Package for Business



Does it ever feel like social media has become a black hole, that sucks your time and money?

So what can you do? Keep posting? Or take action today to whip your social media into shape so that it delivers that value YOU want for YOUR business?

This package is designed specifically to help you gain visibility in three of the major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by posting 7 times a week, on a consistent schedule and planned in advance.

Can you imagine not having to touch social media for an ENTIRE year? This is a well-oiled machine that will continue to add value to your followers.

How does this help you? When you have an important announcement or promotional offer for your followers, the visibility we’ve built will help you reach a bigger audience, organically! And, in turn, give¬†you a return on your investment.

This package includes:

  • An account manager
  • Social media posts including content and branded images
  • Social media editorial calendar
  • Automation tools



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