Drive Online Purchases


Book A Mentor’s goal was to re-engage customers and drive online purchases using the most effective ad units available to them. By advertising on Facebook,  Book A Mentor could leverage the platform’s broad array of ad formats and placements, and test the performance of static versus video assets.


We targeted qualified site visitors using a custom audience within Facebook while utilizing all available placements across Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network. The campaign was then optimized for conversions to drive scale and performance simultaneously.

To identify the best possible ad formats, Interlink employed an A/B test in which video ads were run alongside single image ads to determine which of the two ad formats were more effective in driving conversions. The static ads featured a man using the software on a tablet, while the 30 second video ads highlighted the many benefits of their software, with emphasis on how easy it is to learn a new language.


Book A Mentor discovered that using engaging video not only drives strong performance, but also lets them better tell their brand’s story. When utilizing video ad placements, Book A Mentor saw a 36% increase in click ROAS and a 26% decrease in their cost per acquisition, while registering a CTR 4x higher than their static ads.

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