John Maxwell Team was looking to grow their certification program and get members to sign up for their $4997 coaching program. They needed creative solutions that would help them to drive brand awareness and provide massive leads for their sales team. We worked with their creative team, (copywriters, designers and developers) to come up with a tactic that would not only help them generate more revenue but also to make the brand look top notch. 

  • Needed icebreaker videos to promote the event and soften sales. 

  • They needed sales funnels to use on 100 different landing pages. 
  • They had an audience of 1.5 million likes on Facebook that they wanted to engage and convert into certified members. 
  • They needed sales funnels for each of their target audiences to be created that match each of their ad types and ad copy. 


We started off by maintaining and improving their successful daily, e-mail marketing campaign, “A Minute with Maxwell”, currently with over 450,000 subscribers. We coordinated all “A Minute with Maxwell” video editing needs and posted them to their Facebook page.

mobile event app

As it moved closer their annual event, we set out to design and develop their first mobile app. This app featured the agenda, speaker profiles, sponsors, promotions, sponsor booth information, map and push notifications to alert attendees of special announcements during the event.


This project consisted of gathering testimonials, filming and production and event planning. This took place as an overall strategy to double the weekly sales to over 100 sales a week.

  • We then created lead funnels, email templates and reached out to members for testimonials for Real People, Real Results.
  • We created the slogon “share the spark” program descriptions, banner ads, and top notch marketing videos.
  • Created an event promo video that increased the event attendees, raised viral awareness and worked as a sales tool for the sales team to recruit and certify more coaches. 
  • Optimized the Facebook, Google and Bing ads to reduce cost.


– We helped the company double its profit in 2015 by developing and executing innovative marketing campaigns geared to soften sales and generate “hot leads” such as the fear squashing video.
– Grew the John Maxwell’s Facebook following by over 400,000 likes and the John Maxwell Team’s Facebook following by over 150,000 likes.
– Collaborated with business leaders to translate business goals into unique brand and product experiences.
– Managed multiple projects and a team of diverse individuals in creating the most persuasive promotions that drive conversions.
– Delivered proposals of marketing campaigns, resulting in the implementation of new, innovative ways to generate high profits.

Facebook Reporting and Sales

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