JJ's Bar and Grille


At Interlink, we work with lots of restaurants. And when it comes to the recipe for a new restaurant’s opening, creating buzz via social media is a key ingredient its success.

The owner of the new restaurant came to us just four weeks prior to their targeted open date. They didn’t have a website or a social media presence. They were still planning the menu!  

Our team made it our mission to aim for massive, targeted reach and to build and educate an audience that included local foodies and social media influencers, who could help us serve up the maximum amount of online reach and digital buzz.

Creating a buzz !

What do you do when you are only four weeks away from the Grand Opening?! You go at warp speeds!


While the eventual goal was to grow a social media following, amplify buzz, and build them a website, we had a lot of work ahead of us before we could begin posting content and amplifying it throughout the social sphere.  We started from scratch to design and organize the following:

  • Website
  • Menu designs
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Account
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Photo shoot 
  • Social media profile branding (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Social media display ads (Facebook)


In a very short time, we ensured the restaurant was an aggressive user of social media channels to connect with potential patrons, and grow its digital footprint.

  • We began posting teasers on Facebook and Instagram, cross-promoting content between the various platforms.
  • To increase the number of social media impressions, both Facebook and Instagram contest focused ads were used to drive awareness, while connecting and engaging with more followers.
  • Appealing to a customer’s eyeballs is where Instagram came in, and we were able to show off what the restaurant would bring to the table (pun intended).
  • Socially shared and promoted content was also dedicated to staff, Q&As and specialty cocktails.
  • We built a customized website to show off the restaurant’s talented team of chefs and it’s american fusion cuisine with SEO optimized blogs.
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